Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exceptional Out IN Jersey October Issue

If you are in Europe you may have not yet noticed that Halloween month/LGBT History month is upon us. Indeed, it is October, even though the summer-like temps, at least during the day, are telling another story.

October! The perfect month to shoot vampires (only with a camera that is)... that's exactly what I've been doing for almost two weeks now. That brings me to our human relationship with these creatures of darkness, to our perception of vampires.

As I may have mentioned in the past, we, as humans, may translate our fear of vampires into our perception of vampires as human-like creatures. While in the past (think first versions of the movie Dracula) Count Dracula was seen as a monster, nowadays the story has almost completely transformed--who wouldn't want to be bitten by a Cullen (any of the Cullens for that matter, from Twilight series) or even by Brad Pitt's character in the Interview with a Vampire.

We perceive vampires as gorgeous looking creatures who are forever young and, well, gorgeous, and, to top it off, able of super-human powers and talents. Vampires are also humanized, that is capable of human-like feelings (thus the so-called vegetarian vampires, those who drink only animal blood). They are, though, feared... or maybe they should be.

I was impressed with the exceptional October issue of Out IN Jersey magazine--a phenomenal, fantastic and fabulous issue, not because it is a vampire issue, but because it also teaches about history--the LGBT history, especially when October is LGBT history month. Now that DADT is finally no more, we are writing history ourselves, no matter how we call ourselves--gay/straight, black/white, man/woman. Also, check out the editor's--the fantastic Toby Grace--commentary and his blog. I always get a kick from reading it!

So, to check out the Out IN Jersey October issue, either go to its site ( and click on the new October cover or click below and browse through.

Enjoy the read! (I'm sure vampire fans and vampires out there will do just that!)

As always, thanks for visiting!
Alina Oswald

PS: Many thanks to all my 'vampires' who agreed to be photographed, and also many thanks to all the fantastic artists I interviewed for the LGBT month--Miguel Cardenas, Dion Hitchings, James Yarosh!

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