Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Vampire a Day...: Peering Through Frosty Blood

Vegetarian Lunch
Ode to a Vegetarian Vampire

Teeth cut deep into my skin,
Devour my veins, let death settle in.

Life's juice drains drains, leaves my body dry,
Before I fall, before my time.

Lingering drops drip from the Beast's lips,
Stain the Earth, scatter over the sky above.

My life is a trickle washed by fresh rain.
I pray its sacrifice is not in vain...

 Another day, another deadline--or I should say dead line--a new Mardi Gras vampire image, which reminded me of one of my older poems (copyright 2004) I called "Vegetarian Lunch." I recently renamed it "Ode to a Vegetarian Vampire."

Some of us have our vampire fantasies and fascinations. We tend to become prays of these dark and beautiful creatures, sometimes to the extend that we forget that vampires are predators, killers. Yes, even the vegetarian kind--the Edwards and Bellas of the fiction world and Twilight Saga. Vegetarian vampires do kill. Maybe they don't kill humans, but they do take lives. And as a vegetarian, myself, I cannot consider them as innocent as they may want us to believe.

They are predators. And I believe there's nothing more terrifying as the silence before the attack. Before any attack--be that the one of a vampire who's been peering through bloody windows, watching us from and through the darkness, be that the calm silence before the storm--be that a Mother Nature storm or a Man-Made storm as a response to too many years of exploitation and oppression, like it happened in many times and places--years ago in Eastern European countries, most recently in Northern African countries. The anticipation, the silence before the storm, it's always the most terrifying, because nobody can yet predict the imminent attack--its power, devastation, or result.

One can only hope that the sacrifice was not in vain...

Celebrate the small victories, fueled by hope, victories that punctuate the fight for freedom. In the end, hope prevails.

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Alina Oswald
Author of Vampire Fantasies