Monday, October 25, 2010

A Vampire a Day... Blood for Thought

A Vampire a Day... Blood for Thought

The Human Nature of Vampires 

Can vampires get disappointed? Can they get frustrated and aggravated with life (well, with their vampire life)? Can they cry, or the only fluid that flows through their bodies is blood--other people's blood? Can they manifest or mimic human emotions at all?

Works of fiction like the Twilight Saga have let us believe that, indeed, vampires are capable of manifesting human emotions in the ongoing effort to make them more likable and less monstrous, more capable to receive our love and return it... in other words, works of fiction have sketched some vampire characters as being more like us, the humans who've been fascinated by their inhumanly powers and beauty for generations.

On the other hand, fiction has also shown (Twilight Saga comes to mind, again) that, upon becoming a vampire, the human body solidifies and becomes "a live stone," thus incapable of showing emotions.  To point out an obvious example, remember, in New Moon (the movie), the motionless face of Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson) when he tells Bella Swan (aka Kristen Stewart) that he's leaving her because he doesn't love/want her anymore? And that motionless vampire-look/behavior sprinkles the entire movie.

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If we think about it... it's only natural for vampires to be incapable of human feelings/emotions, simply because vampires are not human. They only "borrow" human bodies, which in turn they keep "alive" with the blood they drink from killing (or turning) other humans or animals. (I don't think I've heard of a 'turned' animal, but this may be another idea--animal vampires, hhhmmmmm....) Either way, these undead bodies have no heartbeat. They don't have to breath or eat or perform any other human activity to survive. They do have to kill, though, in order to survive. Maybe that's one common aspect with some humans. The difference is  that, while some humans become vegetarians or vegans in order not to eat meat--in order to minimized  the animals who are being slaughtered for their meat--vampires, even if they become "vegetarians," they still have to kill. Not humans, but animals, but kill nonetheless....

So, with that in mind, how much in owe are we still with the vampires? Or how disappointed?

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