Monday, October 4, 2010

A Vampire a Day... Vampires as "Live Stones," as described in the Twilight Saga

Vampires.... why are we fascinated by these "undead" creatures? They are frightening. They are killers. Their existence depends entire on blood... on human and/or animal blood. So, in order for them to exist and ravish us with their super-powers, beauty and mystery, blood must be shed... or drunk, in the this case. Still...

In the Twilight Saga, vampires (Edward Cullen comes to mind) are presented as live stones. So how would one photograph this aspect of being a vampire? Think white skin, dark (or read) stare that can send chills down one's back, and think muscles, like in a well-trained, muscular, sexy individual. In photography, that can translate into black and white photography--or black and white skin and colored clothes--and dark or dark-red eyes, on a model staring straight into the camera (or down, for a lost-in-thought kind of vampire). Playing with this idea, one can change the color of the clothes (and/or eyes) only and come up with a Bauhaus type of image. Like I did with this one, below:
"Touch of Color-Bauhaus Rendering" vampire photography by Alina Oswald
Or, the "staring" kind:
"Watching You" Vampire Image by Alina Oswald
These are only a few ideas I've played with, while trying to photograph vampires. More to come. As always, thanks for visiting.
Alina Oswald
Author of Vampire Fantasies

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