Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Vampire a Day... Vampires Capable of Human-Like Feelings

A VAMPIRE A DAY... Vampires Capable of Human-Like Feelings

This time I'm going to talk about fangs. Vampires have them. Fangs are a reminder that vampires, with all their dark beauty, are indeed predators, monsters, killers. But vampires are not the only ones with fangs. Animal have them, too. So, how can one further (visually) interpret this common element of vampires and animals?

How does one photograph the fangs of a vampire?

"Fangs" Vampire Photography by Alina Oswald
I believe there are a million ways to visually interpret this aspect of The Undead. In my vampire image called Fangs, I tried to capture (what I'd say is) a more unusual aspect of a vampire: that a vampire can be a predator but, in the same time, he/she can be loving, protective and proud of his/her loved one... in this case, their pets. In my version of Fangs, the vampire shows off his fangs, while carefully holding and playing with his adorable cat (who also has... fangs). The vampire doesn't pay attention to the camera, but the feline does. I made this image black and white, allowing only the purple shades of the vampire's cape and lips to show in color. Also, his teeth may still be carrying some blood spots from his very recent snack. In addition, I allowed some of the vampire's facial expressions to come through in this image, to enhance (hopefully) his feelings for his cat.

This image could not have been possible without the help of a passionate model who takes his vampire transformation extremely seriously. The transformation from human to vampire takes a lot of time, work, patience, and knowledge. I'm forever grateful!

As always, thanks for reading.
Alina Oswald
Author of Vampire Fantasies - a collection of vampire-related photography

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