Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Vampire a Day...

Vampires tend to have super-powers. Or so fiction tells us. Twilight Saga is full of vampires with super-powers: reading the future, reading minds, etc. I came up with my own version of vampire reading the future in a crystal ball.

Here's how I photograph this vampire with super-powers:

Clairvoyant: Vampire image by Alina Oswald

I photograph my "vampire" almost in total darkness. I asked my vampire to hold a burning candle in a sphere-shaped glass holder, and to look into the flickering light. The candle light reflected on the vampire's face, making it appear less pale and more... human, hence enhancing the potential human face of such a creature. After all, fiction always does it, especially in Twilight Saga. The warm light matched the vampire's hair. ["Clairvoyant" is one of the images from my new vampire photography book, Vampire Fantasies.]

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