Friday, October 8, 2010

A Vampire a Day: Portrait of a Vampire

A Vampire a Day: Portrait of a Vampire

How to photograph a vampire as a creature of Darkness?

A few things to consider when trying to capture a vampire's portrait:

1 - black-and-white or sepia

2 - use darkness to emphasize the mystery

3 - grainy or slightly blurry may work, too, to capture the feel of an old photograph (btw, same can be accomplished using sepia)

One way is to try a portrait just like the one below.  I decided to include it in my new vampire photography book, Vampire Fantasies , as one of the possible visual representations of vampires as creatures sketched within the Blackness itself--still, pale, live sculptures, solitary, patiently awaiting for their prey...   

 I leave you for now with a poem I wrote years ago, which is now part of my The Awakening... collection. Hope you'll enjoy it.

"Vampire BeatriX - A Portrait" by Alina Oswald
A Life of Time
by Alina Oswald

In the Grave ...

There is no life, no memories, no joy,
Not even peace of lifeless mind; no soul.
There's nothing!

Only dead human matter, food for worms and darkness.

What's left? Just pottery and bones.
The soul is free, outside the human cage,
Ready for judgment, praying for forgiveness, not rage.

What's next?  Illusions, tricks,
There are no treasures across the River Styx.
The water's dark, the boat is always there waiting for fresh souls.
Moment will come, mended by fates and Gods...

'Till then, there is a lifetime