Sunday, November 7, 2010

Learning through Art: HIV/AIDS in Books--Secret Society, by Miasha

This review was originally published in A&U Magazine--America's AIDS Magazine. Hope you'll enjoy the read.

Alina Oswald
Author of Journeys Through Darkness

Secret Society
By Miasha
Reviewed by Alina Oswald

Madonna, also Seal and Eminem... they are all artists known by one name only.  And this trend extends to authors, too. 
What makes using one's first or last name only so intriguingly attractive?
In Miasha's [pronounced Me-a-sha] case, the twenty-four-year-old author's first name can only add to what her debut novel has to offer wrapped nicely in the book's deliciously looking covers.  And, indeed, from its first page to the last, Secret Society doesn't let its readers down. Not a bit.  Not for a moment.  Although at times the context may become slightly confusing when referring to terms related to sexual identity versus sexual preference, the story of Secret Society infuses readers' minds with an endless, winding list of name brands like Chloe and D&H, nightclubs, parties, lies and heated sexual encounters, all mixed in with the innermost secrets an individual can shelter inside...
Despite the light exchange of words mostly taking place between the two main characters-sexy Celess and voluptuous Tina, two childhood girlfriends barely in their twenties-their story clears the murky waters of their underground world. By exposing carefully sheltered secrets, Secret Society becomes a warning sign for the real life individuals who may find themselves in similar situations-either being taken advantage of, often unknowingly, or taking advantage of their preys while living the highlife of the rich and famous.
And, as it always happens, everything (even the new glitzy life of Celess and Tina) comes with a price tag, which, in this case, spells violence, revenge, murder... and HIV.  While Tina is the one to train Celess in becoming the best at "runnin' game" on unaware men and in her new life of living off her preys, can she teach Celess a deeper, more meaningful lesson in life?
That's for the readers to find out in Miasha's true page-turner debut novel.  Because only by immersing themselves into the underground world of Secret Society they can truly understand and become aware of the dark side of its mysterious glamour.