Sunday, December 12, 2010


The Flying Vampire, by Alina Oswald

"Live Stone" Vampires, by Alina Oswald

Facing the Law, by Alina Oswald
"Triptych" is a strange word, when first heard. At least that's what I thought. Triptych is a work of art made of three related sections (images, in photography), in other words, presented as one.

Because three (3) is sometimes considered a "magic" number--the so-called "charm" and also found in fairy tales--I'd like to share with you three of my triptych images:

"Facing the Law" first started as a diptych (two images instead of three)--some of them made it into my solo photography show, BACKBONE, at 32 Jones Gallery in 2008;

"Vampires as 'Live Stones'" first started as images for a show called COOL BLUE, at LITM (Love Is The Message) in Jersey City, 2009, and then it re-emerged in my vampire photography series and book, Vampire Fantasies;

"The Flying Vampire"is a 2010 creation and part of my vampire photography series; although it did not make it into the first book, Vampire Fantasies, it will sure make it into an upcoming one (I'm working on a series of vampire photography books right now)

Hope you enjoy the images.
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Alina Oswald

PS: Thanks so much to my fabulously fantastic and phenomenal model! MJ, you are the best!