Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tear Reflections: Bayonne, NJ Home of the 9/11 Memorial

Tear Reflections
Tear Reflections,
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Tear Reflections

The Tear Tower, Bayonne, NJ. This 9/11 memorial is majestic, a huge tear hanging above city, surrounding nature and people, a reminder of the 9/11/2001 events. The Tear Tower, the 9/11 monument made by Russian artists and donated to Jersey City (which doesn't have a monument even now, only the two twisted beams on the promenade across from the Ground Zero sight, a place of gathering for 9/11 commemorations, each year; I know, I've been covering them all). Not accepted by Jersey City because it was "too big" and there wasn't enough space/room for it, the Tear Tower was accepted by Bayonne, NJ. It now stands high and majestic at the Bayonne ship terminal. The sun peeks from behind it as if during/after a solar eclipse. One has to stand so that the Tear is right above the head to actually see its entire reflection in the Tear itself (like in this picture), and also the surrounding 'park' (I should call it, I guess), a small serene space surrounding the Tear with the names of Bayonne residents who lost their lives in the attacks. In the distance (and also in the Tear reflection) one can see the Manhattan, shaped in its thinnest silhouette, and also the Statue of Liberty. And one cannot stop the tears that try to blur the vision. The Tear Tower is impressive in beauty and symbolism. It captures feelings that can only be expressed in Tears.
The Tear Tower, definitely a must see sight. Thanks, Bayonne, for giving The Tear a home.

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