Thursday, September 8, 2011

9/11 (not in lights) Memorial on Jersey City Waterfront

 A few more days until yet another September 11. This time remembering a whole decade of 9/11s... This week the inevitability of the day has been drilled into our souls by media, by our own memories. Yet, that events of that clear Tuesday morning have forever been imprinted in our lives. Like a scar that has caused much pain, a scar that has faded in time, yet will never completely disappear.

I, for one, believe that we should remember 9/11 not only on September 11th of each year, but throughout the year. That's why I try to cover 9/11-related photography year-round. One example is the Jersey City waterfront so-called 9/11 memorial (two twisted beams from the Twin Towers themselves, placed to resemble the letter "A"). Although a new memorial (two endless walls with enough room for almost 3,000 names on them) is being built just across the Morris Canal, on Liberty State Park, so far 9/11 morning ceremonies take place on the JC waterfront, by the A-shaped memorial. People leave mementos--pins, flags, flowers, beads, photographs, candles. 

Right behind the A-shaped structure stands a large gray marble plaque holding the names of Jersey residents who lost their lives in the attacks. During the 9/11 ceremonies, I often notice people going to the plaque and touching names... and can't help but wonder if the name they so gingerly touch (as if not to disturb) is the name of a loved one, friend, or co-worker.

By standing close enough to the plaque (where flowers are placed year-round) one can make up the "Empty Skies" Lower Manhattan reflection. To take the picture below, I ducked low, below the footprint of the plaque, so that my own reflection would not be seen, and I snapped the picture. It must have been 2006, maybe on my way home from a day of shooting in Liberty State Park...

For more 9/11 images, check out my new 9/11 photography collection, INFINITE LIGHTS or, for Jersey girls and boys, come see me this Saturday, September 10th, at the fourth Jersey City book fair, A Tale of Our City, Van Vorst Park.

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