Friday, November 18, 2011

Cold Season Remedy: Sylt Blues and Beaches

I originally called this image "Island Green." The island is Germany's Sylt. With a funny name and 90 degree turned T-like shape, Sylt is located at the border between Germany and Denmark. The northern "exposure" offers the island a hint of white nights at the beginning of June (white nights, like in extremely long days and hints of weak daylight around midnight).

Sylt is known as a northern mecca, where rich people vacation. Sylt is a paradise for those who want to escape the craziness of everyday life and immerse themselves in nature. But Sylt, with its wrap-around beaches and freezing temps (especially water temps), is also known for its gourmet food, expensive boutique shops and bike (motorcycle) parades.

Mostly, though, the island of Sylt is known for its blues... As the story goes, "the blues" settle in four days after arriving on the island. I've been through that experience myself. I'm not sure how to explain it, though. It is a kind of depression that takes over not only your soul, but your body. You feel sick inside out and find it hard to breath. The more you reach out for air, the more suffocated you get, surrounded by all the chilling loneliness, by the icy water drops the North Sea breeze throw in your face. The chill penetrates your skin, cut deep into your flesh and soul. All you can do is curve in a human question mark, trying to find refuge. Instead, you find a darker shade of blues...

For some, though, Sylt is much more than its blues and beaches. Sylt is about getting lost in its nature, strolling on its endless beaches, allowing the breeze to brush your hair and kiss your face.

Sylt is an interesting place to pay a short visit. For more about the German island of Sylt, check out my travel CNN iReport. May your dreams of summer see you through the bitter winter days.

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