Saturday, January 8, 2011

My "Angel" in the National AIDS Museum Collection

"Angel in Central Park" by Alina Oswald

I've always been awed by the Angel of the Waters, the Bethesda angel in Central Park, NYC. The statue appeared in one of my favorite movies, Angels in America. I called the image "Angel in Central Park." An older version of this image (no lensbaby photography) was part of several art shows, including my Visual AIDS' "Postcards from the Edge."

That was a couple of years ago...

The strangest thing happened to me yesterday. My AIDS-inspired lensbaby image of the Angel of the Water in Central Park, became part of the National AIDS Museum collection. Imagine that!
Among my many AIDS-inspired works created during almost a decade, this one is a personal favorite. Many thanks to Ashley Grosso, the dedicated founder of the National AIDS Museum. The experience was humbling and inspiring in the same time.

Many, many, many thanks!

Alina Oswald