Friday, April 15, 2011

Like Death & Taxes: My Bucket List--The Hang Loose State

Helicopter Ride over the Hawaiian Islands. Copyright 2010 by Alina Oswald.
It's April 15th. Tax Day (even though this year's Tax Day is April 18th). As we know, there are only two certain things in life--Death and Taxes. I don't know much about taxes, only that we have to pay them and that, each year, we have to work on our tax returns.

"Whale Watching in Aloha State" Copyright 2010, Alina Oswald
Death, on the other hand, now, that's something I can talk about forever. Death is a certainty. Not one that we like to think about, yet a certainty nonetheless. After all, one way or another, we do have to accept our mortality. Some of us are reminded about our mortality throughout our life--just ask the cancer survivors, or the long-term AIDS survivors, or those who survived any kind of tragedy... All these individuals have faced Death, their Mortality, and yet are here to tell us about it.

Coconut Island, Big Island of Hawaii, Copyright 2010 by Alina Oswald
Rainbow Falls, Big Island, Hawaii. Copyright 2010, by Alina Oswald
Death is something we drag, we fear (at least most of the people). Yet, it is something we have to accept it. We have to accept that we won't be here forever, as physical entities, that our physical existence, the physical layer of our existence is not infinite. That is why I think it's even more important to start working on our Bucket List--a list of things we'd like to do and places we'd like to see before we die. Although I've thought about Death, Mortality and all the related topics for most of my life, only recently I've started to consider putting together my Bucket List. As a result, my List is pretty short, but hopefully it will continue to grow, it will be a... work in progress.
Lava Watch, Copyright 2010 by Alina Oswald

What's on my Bucket List? For starters, a few places dear to my heart, places I've visited and places I would love to visit. One of these places is Hawaii, Aloha State, President Obama homestate, Hang Loose State, or, as others call it, the Land of Rainbows.

Watch the Sunset with a Loved One. "Sunset on Waikiki" Copyright 2010, by Alina Oswald

Ride Over the Rainbow. Copyright 2010 by Alina Oswald

I had the chance to visit four of the Hawaiian Islands last year and hope to do it again, soon--goal is to visit all eight of the Aloha State islands.

I'd like to share, here, a few images I took while in Hawaii with captions that, well, capture, some of the items on my Bucket List.

Hopefully I'll get to share more with you in the upcoming posts. Meanwhile, what are some of your items on your bucket list?

Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting!
Alina Oswald
Author of Journeys Through Darkness