Thursday, September 22, 2011

Capturing Memories

Have you ever wondered why some calendars start with September of the present year, and then flow gently in the New Year? Have you ever wonder why so many of us subconsciously enter the holiday season right after fall starts, when days get shorter and colder and the memories of our summer are still fresh?

Maybe colder weather has that effect on us. It jolts our subconscious and memories--brings out the melancholic selves and our longing for sizzling summer nights, endless sun, worry-free beach days, adventurous trips or good reads. Maybe cold weather is a catalyst that helps us sort through these memories and keep them forever in various forms--as scrapbooks, calendars, photo-books and much more.

To capture some of my summer memories I've recently started to use My Memories, a digital scrapbooking software that allows me to not only create scrapbooks (I'm actually new at scrapbooking) but also photography books and calendars. Check it out and use Memory Code STMMMS84883 for a discount.

Why use My Memories? Well, because you can record your memories (summer and any other kind) and save them forever, in the art form of your choice, and then share and enjoy reliving them with your families and friends.  

Choices are endless. Themes include pets, weddings, travel and many others. Templates are available, as are scrapbooking kits--free and at a very low price. Don't forget to use Memory Code STMMMS84883  for a discount.

For those who, like myself, are more into photo books and calendars, My Memories offers something too--while calendars come in a smaller size (regular paper size, but two kinds of paper), photo books come in a variety of square sizes, from 6 by 6 inches to 12 by 12 inches, including lay-flat books.

Sometimes memories remind us of happy times, but not always. Some personal memories make the news and become national and international--the 9/11/2001 events, for example or, most recently, the execution of Troy Davis only a few hours ago.

Like summer memories that can keep us warm and our hope alive through the bitter, months-long winter, memories, in general, can keep hope alive and see us through the bitter tough times... So, give it a try, check out the My Memories website and, if your decide to take the next step, use the Memory Code mentioned above! After all, what do you have to lose but your memories...

As always, thanks for visiting. Keep the memories alive.

Alina Oswald
Author of Infinite Lights: A Collection of 9/11-Related Photography