Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In the News: Award-Winning Photographer Kurt Weston, CNN iReport Awards Nominee

In the News: Award-Winning, Legally Blind Photographer Kurt Weston Is One of This Year's CNN iReport Awards Nominee

Photographer Kurt Weston and his guide dog Ambrose. IPhone photography by Alina Oswald.
Kurt Weston & his guide dog Ambrose
It's that time of the year again, that of CNN iReport Awards. This year one of the nominees is no other than award-winning, legally blind photographer Kurt Weston. On CNN iReport, Weston shares his compelling story in "From Blind Vision to Vision Beyond Sight"  post. I encourage everybody to check it out and vote for it.

To learn more about Kurt Weston, please visit his sight or check out his biography in Journeys Through Darkness.

Thanks for visiting and voting! Here are a few images from Kurt Weston's outstanding body of work, published with photographer's permission.


Alina Oswald
Author of Journeys Through Darkness: A Biography of AIDS

Excerpt from Journeys Through Darkness:

Blind Vision, by Kurt Weston, from Blind Vision series of self-portraits.
Blind Vision by Kurt Weston
The Blind Vision series is only one of Weston’s works to capture an allegorical portrait of the visual artist as he traverses through his journey. In that sense, art becomes an amazing vehicle for Weston, allowing him to use his own life experiences to communicate, inspire, inform and also to visually intrigue his audience. From his perspective, Kurt Weston considers art a means through which people can experience the nature of their humanity. Art can be silly and fun, and it can be entertaining. It can communicate a tremendous amount of information, emotion, and inspiration. In today’s society, consumed by superficial realities, Kurt Weston’s art goes beyond the physical realm of human existence and into a metaphysical dimension, connecting with the viewer on a more profound and spiritual level. 

Losing the Light. Photo by Kurt Weston. From Blind Vision series of self-portraits.
Losing the Light by Kurt Weston
[Blind Vision series of self-portraits include: Losing the Light, Blind Vision, Journey Through Darkness (which I used on the cover of my book), Peering Through the Darkness, Blind Hell, Requiem]  
Peering Through the Darkness. Photo by Kurt Weston. From Blind Vision series of self-portraits.
Peering Through the Darkness by Kurt Weston
Peering through the Darkness is part of Kurt Weston's Blind Vision series of self-portraits that show people the physical and emotional impact that visual loss can have on an individual. In order to represent his visual disturbance, which he described like "pieces of cotton stuck in my eye, floating every time I move my eye," he sprayed a glass with foaming glass cleaner and took a self-portrait sitting behind it. "You see my hand pushing away the foam, which is what I would love to do," he explains, "I would like to be able to wipe away all that cotton that keeps floating in front of my eye and get a clear view of what I want to see out in the world." 

Weston believes that black-and-white offers his art a concentration of expression. And he likes that intensity, in particular in his portraits. He uses regular film and prints his images on silver gelatin paper so that they can last forever. He wants future generations to be able to look at this work and say, "This was happening at this time in history and this is the impact it left on people who's lives it touched, this pandemic."

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