Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Thoughts While Listening To Dust

Random Thoughts While Listening To Dust

I’ve spent many days and nights thinking about what to say about Listening to Dust…  or maybe how to say it. And now I understand why. Upon finishing Listening To Dust, one is left with a feeling of loss—not only because the reader already misses the characters and their extraordinary journeys, but also because of Dust’s story itself. While a work of fiction, Listening to Dust offers a remarkable view of the surrounding reality. That’s because Listening to Dust is also a reflection of our times, a timeless and timely story where life’s worst and best elements intersect and interact, allowing room to listen... and learn.

Brandon Shire is a master of storytelling who, in his new novel, takes his readers on an extraordinary journey that grabs them from its very first words—the dark, reflective intonations of its title. Truth is, when something evokes so powerful emotions as Listening to Dust does, it leaves readers speechless, breathless, and wanting… to read more or to reread the story, if possible, to interact with its characters and their journeys.

Yet the story of Dust ends where it should, leaving its readers yearning, longing for more. Readers cannot change the story as much as maybe they’d like to, under the powerful feelings the story awakes within them. And they shouldn’t. Dust is perfect just the way it is, a fictional tale reflecting an intrinsic part of reality, one that not many are brave enough to acknowledge, yet many more are forced to live through, day in and day out.

I couldn’t put down Brandon Shire’s Listening to Dust and felt compelled to devour each page. And, through Shire's words, I became part of the story they paint, a story of love and hate, loss, passion and compassion. Listening to Dust, readers get to feel each level of pain, loss and love Dust's characters feel, and also maybe catch a glimpse of hope. 

For those who want to learn through reading, for those who love masterfully crafted literary works, for those eager to learn how to make the world a better one and are brave enough to face reality raw as it is, for many others yearning for a good read, Listening To Dust is for you...

One thing it's worth mentioning. Listening to Dust is not a "good" read, but a brilliant one, offering readers a unique opportunity to make the world a better one.

Hope you'll check out other works by Brandon Shire, including Value of Rain and Listening to Dust. As for myself, I look forward to reading more of this author's upcoming books.

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  1. I am humbled and flattered by this extraordinary review. Thank you.

  2. You are very welcome. I should thank you, for this unique opportunity! I truly enjoyed Dust--everything from the cover and title to its last word--and was deeply touched and moved by the story. Many more should read it. And I look forward to reading more of your upcoming books.

    Thanks again!