Monday, September 10, 2012

Fashion Week NYC, 2012: Interview with a Male Model

FASHION WEEK NYC, 2012: September 5-13, 2012
And Model Interview

Fashion Week NYC is in the city again, September 5th through 13th. I've photograph a few fashion mini events. My favorite is male fashion. In an industry where women (seem to) reign, I find male fashion much more interesting.

Without saying more, although I'd love to, I'd like to share a few of my male fashion photography images to celebrate Fashion Week New York City, 2012:

Five copies of same male model siting on a chair, facing the camera, wearing different color jeans (from left to right: black, red, purple, green, blue) and white tanktop.
Five (not Fifty) Shades of Jeans: Bauhaus Photography Rendering by Alina Oswald.
And a short interview with my model:

You are a part-time model. When did you first think of going into modeling or fashion industry? And why didn’t you start modeling sooner?  
Actually…I have been casually modeling and closely following fashion since I was a teenager. I enjoy being in front of the camera…its fun!!   I am an avid people-watcher. Fashion and the image we all portray through the way we “put ourselves together” each and every day are both a fascination and passion for me. I enjoy putting myself together every day…then watching the way others interact and react to me.  Fashion is an opportunity for self -expression every single day.  I never get enough of watching people and studying the way they have creatively modeled their image.  It’s fascinating!!

When was your first modeling experience and how did you feel about it?   
My first experience was as a teenager, doing shows. Modeling…like any other craft…is learned. The more you do…the more you learn, improve and become more comfortable with.
male model sitting on outside steps, looking into the camera while wearing sunglasses, black jeans and leather jacket.
Man in Black: Male B&W Fashion Photography. Photo by Alina Oswald.
What attracts you to this kind of work?
I am a complete exhibitionist!!  I enjoy creating an image every day through the clothes I wear then going about my day and watching how people around me react.  Fashion is an art that we can all enjoy every single day.   It’s all about the reaction for me.   Love it or hate it… it’s not really good unless there is a reaction.   Reaction equals opinion.   Opinion equals insight into the person.  I am infinitely fascinated by people, their creativity and what makes them ‘tick’. 

You’ve been featured in publications, books and art shows. What’s next?
I am always interested in doing more modeling with different artists in a variety of different fields. 

What’s your opinion on modeling and age?
People come in all different ages, types and sizes. So should models.  Modeling is selling a fantasy.
outside catwalk showing male model in black sunglasses, t-shirt and jeans and leather jacket walking on the street
The Catwalk: Male Model on the Street. Photo by Alina Oswald.

Male model wearing black sunglasses, jeans and leather jacket (with red highlights) sits at the top of metal stairway.
Sitting on the Edge. Male Fashion Photography by Alina Oswald.
How do you get into the character/role, when modeling?
Modeling a role is nothing more than seeing it through the photographer’s eye.   Acting out the vision another person has for me gives me much more insight into my own creativity because I must draw from this to play the role well.

How do you work with the photographer?
Working with a photographer is about realizing their vision. At the start of any shoot the photographer has a vision of what they want to capture during the session. As a model…it is my role to help capture that vision while a little of my own creativity throughout the process. Hopefully the collaboration of the two will result in something much greater than the sum.

Where do you see your modeling career go from here? 
My hope is that it will only grow. Either modeling or in some other fashion/art related focus. I am an extremely creative person and derived endless pleasure from the opportunity to exercise this creativity.

Male model leaning against a graffiti wall.
Against the Graffiti: Male Fashion Photography by Alina Oswald.

Male model in black leaning by a wall.
Angle. B&W Male Fashion Photography by Alina Oswald.

For a few Black & White fashion photography images, you can check out the work of fashion photographer (turned award-winning fine art photographer) Kurt Weston.

Have a fabulous Fashion Week!
Alina Oswald
Author of Journeys Through Darkness: A Biography