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You Read, You Write, You Rock: Recording & Performing Artist Ira Weitz and His Message on June 1st, International Children's Day

You Read, You Write, You Rock: Recording & Performing Artist Ira Weitz and His Message on June 1st, International Children's Day

You Read, You Write, You Rock: Recording and Performing Artist Ira Weitz in His Own Words (Part III)

June 1st is International Children's Day! Everybody who knows me knows that I'm not too much into these sorts of days, but it is June and (almost) summer. We also know that education is not only important, but imperative, vital. And yet, there's still enough room for improvement when it comes to education... and an early start (in education) doesn't only make a difference, but it's a must.

That brings me, yet again, to the wonderful work of recording and performing artist Ira Weitz. A guidance counselor for most of his life, after retiring from NYC (Brooklyn) public schools Weitz has continued to teach children through his educational songs. Hence, his class sizes have expanded from that of a regular classroom to one including children (and adults) everywhere, online or in person. 

His brand new CD, YOU READ, YOU WRITE, YOU ROCK, teaches about... life, taking on subjects like the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic), protecting the environment and also the animals, being kind to people, fight bullying, learning how to stand up for oneself and for others,  writing a resume and applying for a job, understanding the marketplace or becoming an entrepreneur. Each song solves a life's puzzle. Put all of Weitz's songs together (for example as they can be found on his CD) and we hold a solution to the puzzle we call life. Hence, a roadmap to a successful professional and personal life. 

Here's a taste of Ira Weitz's rhymes and lyrics: 

1. Ira Weitz on standing up for oneself:

"To be confident, to be strong,
that's the message, of my song.
So make a list, of what you like to do,
then tell the world, about the real you."

2. Ira Weitz on recycling and protecting the environment:

"Mister Jack, mister Jack,
when you love The Earth, it loves you right back.
Red - yellow - blue - green,
you gotta' join the recycling team."


3. Ira Weitz on peace:

"Peace is a five letter word,
the best one I've ever heard."

You Read, You Write, You Rock, an educational children CD by Ira Weitz
You Read, You Write, You Rock, an educational CD for children ages 5 - 12 by Ira Weitz

I leave you for now with a message from Ira Weitz. As always, thanks for stopping by!

Alina Oswald

Ira Weitz's message on International Children's Day and every day:

Ira's Message To The World On

   On International Children's Day, I am sitting in a San Francisco Cafe', thinking of that great Carlos Santana song which contains the lyrics, " A little bit of this, a little bit of that."  And, that song's uplifting vocals, sung by Michelle Branch, has inspired me to think about "Balance," and how we must remember, everyday, to guide our children to keep a healthy balance in their lives. I believe that whatever you over do, may one day turn on you.

   For example, if your children spend too much time in front of either a smart phone, or a computer screen, they risk falling  into the trap of creating a " Make - believe  life with make - believe relationships." And, as a result, many of life's fantastic possibilities and opportunities may pass them by. By providing compelling alternatives, we must persuade our youth to " Get out of their screens, and into their lives." I LOVE
technology, and I have arrived both in cyberspace, & onto your "screen," in great part as a result of the digital revolution. Each week I listen to the latest tech podcasts on the internet, but I always keep my guard up from entering the " Screen Excessiveness - Screen Obsessiveness Zone." I love people too much to allow myself to become isolated from them.

   Teach your children to make time for connecting with physical reality, there is no computer screen which can take the place of a conversation with someone, face to face.

   And into that balancing mix, each day have your children include
active participation in either some sports activity, or some other full -
body muscle " Move," or too much " Screen Time," may weaken their
" Eyesight Groove."

   Have your youngsters balance the form of their written communications. Texting can be an awesome way to " Exercise The Alphabet," But using a pen to write words on a piece of paper is another equally awesome way to " Make Every Letter Sweat."

   I will now conclude my message to the world on this International Children's Day, by returning to those Carlos Santana song lyrics  I referred to at the start , because they have  inspired me to write two more lines to it.

" A little bit of this,
   a little bit of that,"
   when children live in balance,
   they're prepared to go " To bat."


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