Monday, May 27, 2013

You Read, You Write, You Rock: Recording and Performing Artist Ira Weitz in His Own Words (Part II)

You Read, You Write, You Rock: Recording and Performing Artist Ira Weitz in His Own Words (Part II)

"Addy-addy-o, time to let go,
start a conversation, go with the flow,
celebrate life, do not hide,
you'll never make a friend if you stay inside."

[Ira Weitz, from his brand new CD YOU READ, YOU WRITE, YOU ROCK.]  

Have I ever mentioned that Ira Weitz was the one who introduced me to B&H, and, with that, in some strange way, to photography? Indeed, it was around 2005-2006. I was looking for a camera at the time--a point-and-shoot, but still it was an upgrade from my previous fit-in-your-shirt-pocket camera.

Anyway, I didn't know where to start looking and so Ira mentioned B&H. At that time I vaguely knew about this awesome place (it is a store, a super-store for that matter, but it's more than that, it's a magic place for photographers and videographers, pros and amateurs). Little did I know that only a couple of years later I was to rediscover B&H, while looking for a place that offered photography classes. (My first B&H photography class experience: I remember I ran all the way to the store and into a Chimera lighting classroom full of people, and by pure chance found a seat in the front row... I've been sitting in the front row ever since). In time, I found myself planning my life around B&H workshops. You see, it is because of B&H (and, yes, that first visit to the store with Ira Weitz), that now I can actually photograph. In addition, I have met many interesting people, wonderful mentors, and, yes, great photo gear. (I'm not too much of a shopper, in general, but when it comes to photo and lighting gear, there is always just one more lens, camera body, printer, lighting kit [you fill in the blanks] I desperately need and can't leave without).

And it's getting better... My B&H photographic experience is an ongoing one. And I have to thank Ira Weitz for paving this particular roadmap for me.

Here's only one example of the kinds of roadmaps Ira Weitz sketches out for us, through his songs. This particular rhyme encourages students to start writing:

"Writing will make your intelligence grow,
pick up a pen, let it flow,
start by writing, what you know,
choose a topic, watch it grow."

[One can substitute "writing" for "photography" (or any other art form), the "pen" for "camera" and "let it flow/choose a topic/watch it grow."]

Weitz is not a stranger to paving roadmaps to a better life. He's been doing it for many years, as a guidance counselor in NYC public schools, and later on, through his songs, as a recording and performing artist. Take any song from his new CD, YOU READ, YOU WRITE, YOU ROCK, and you'll discover a roadmap to a goal--be that learning how to read and write (skills that allow students to "rock" and be successful later on in life), learning about becoming a better person, loving animals and fellow humans, embracing peace and understanding or protecting the environment, to mention only a few.


To learn more about the making of Ira Weitz's songs, and also about Ira Weitz, the creator of these songs, check out my interview with the artist. You can also check out the CD on You Read, You Write, You Rock website. If you happen to be in San Francisco area this summer (Silicon Valley) you may bump into Weitz, as that's where he'll be performing and signing copies of his CD. 

In the next post, Weitz will share a few rhymes about money, careers and writing a resume, and maybe more. Until then I leave you with a few more rhymes by the one and only Ira Weitz or, as I call it, Ira Weitz in his own words:

"Don't make a fuss,
don't make a fuss,
I see a monkey,
driving a bus."

[Ira Weitz from his new CD YOU READ, YOU WRITE, YOU ROCK] 


"Listening time,
listening time,
get the message,
open your mind."
[Ira Weitz from his new CD YOU READ, YOU WRITE, YOU ROCK] 

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Alina Oswald