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Spanish Bay, by Hans Hirschi - A Book Tour

Spanish Bay - Book Tour (Playlist and more)

Hello Everyone,

I'm glad you joined me on the Spanish Bay book tour. While we're at it, check out my other related post here. Now, the question is: what music do you listen to when reading a book? Or maybe you don't listen to music, you just lost yourselves in the story, following the characters and their journeys of the way.

Spanish Bay, by Hans M. Hirschi

When it comes to background music for listen to, when reading a good book...well, for me, and I believe for many, it depends on the book--romance, a classic novel, mystery? A feel-good story would go very well with a mellow, feel good kinda music, don't you think? At least for yours truly. Or one might have his or her own favorite myself. I tend to read (and also write, for that matter) while listening to something that sets the mood, and yet stays in the background, does not distract, nor does it interfere with my reading. And usually, when I read a good book, everything else seems to fade away, leaving me alone to enjoy the story, and the characters of that story.

There's a deep, powerful connection between readers and characters, one that only a good book, good read, and writer, can provide. And that takes me to Hans Hirschi's books, in general, and to his latest novel, Spanish Bay, in particular.

To start with, the cover is one of a kind, itself demanding a certain kind of music, in a strange, but beautiful way. The read, engaging and entertaining from the very beginning. Imagine yourselves on a deserted beach, you and the book. The actual book. Brush your fingers over the cover, try to familiarize yourselves with the image. Then slowly, so slowly, open the cover and take a peek inside. Start reading. I can guarantee that you won't be able to put it down.

As for the music...that's ultimately up to you, the readers, to build your playlist. As for myself, I'd read while listening to classical music. I'm a fan of Chopin, and played it a very long time ago, too--waltzes and/or nocturnes by Chopin. Nothing quite measures up, I believe. On the other hand, if I put on Queen/Freddie Mercury, I might end up singing along. (And, these days, you wouldn't want to hear me sing.)

For those interested, here are a few links to some reading music:

Chopin, Mozart, Bach (I'd skip Bach, I had to play it, and listen to it...not my favorite, but some might like it):

Here's a link to how to make your own reading playlist for teens, since Spanish Bay is a YA novel:

Find out more about Spanish Bay, by Hans Hirschi here. I'm sure you'll enjoy the read!

As always, thanks for stopping by!
Alina Oswald

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